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Today’s sound is all about the details:

Dear Héloïse, A few days ago, I received my credit card statement and discovered that there was a charge on the statement that neither my wife nor I had made. It was from another country, for the furniture. The amount was over $ 500. If I hadn’t looked at my statement, I might have paid the bill and lost $ 500.

My mother-in-law received a statement from a lab about a blood test she should have done. They were asking him for $ 1,300. The problem was, she hadn’t taken any blood and had never heard of the lab.

If your readers get bank statements or statements of any kind, it’s important to review them carefully. Apparently, this is yet another scam attempt to deceive people, especially the elderly, as the crooks think we won’t remember what we bought or what medical procedures were performed. I had to change my passwords and make a few other adjustments, but it was worth it to prevent crooks from getting my information. –James L., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

James, yes it is very important to check our monthly statements for errors. I have a habit of checking mine regularly and only found a few errors. Yet scammers often start with a small fee, then go greedy and start charging large amounts. It’s best to spot them early by checking your statements every month. – Heloise


Clothespins have several uses:

– Use them to keep curtains closed in hotel rooms.

– Tie a garbage bag to a lawn chair when doing yard work to contain litter.

– To group coupons.

– To hold your bills together.


Dear Héloïse: I bought a used car from a dealership. Obviously, they used the wax cycle when they ran it through the car wash so that the exterior of the car looked good. Well, there is wax on the back window and it won’t come off with regular window cleaner.

What to do to remove this film? – Berta Y., Dayton, Ohio

Berta, one of the ways to remove this wax is to use a cola (any type will do). Pour the cola on a clean cloth first (do not spill any on your car paint) and, in a circular motion, clean the glass, followed by washing the glass with soap and water.

Another suggestion is nail polish remover. However, you will need to be very careful not to spill any on your car’s paintwork. – Heloise


Dear Héloïse: I lost my cell phone in a movie theater. I thought I should replace it, but a few days later my cell phone arrived in the mail. I had an address label on the back of my phone, and the person who found it mailed it back to me. There was a note, but no name on my phone. If I had known who sent it, I would have mailed them a reward. – Francine J., Fort Wayne, Indiana

Francine, that’s wonderful! Honesty deserves a reward. It’s a shame the person who found your phone didn’t provide their name and address. – Heloise


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