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Paxum Card: New UnionPay prepaid card available

Jan Carty
Written by Jan Carty
Paxum Card: New UnionPay prepaid card available
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A few days ago Paxum announced something new:

The launch of the new prepaid card, in partnership with the UnionPay Network .

With interesting advantages, this card promises to be much better than the previous one.

Especially for us Brazilians ...

... that we depend on this service to withdraw earnings from webcam sites.

If you don't already have a Paxum account, access the tutorial at the link below:

Paxum: How to create your account and receive money from tokens

New Paxum UnionPay Card

Among the advantages, the new Paxum prepaid card offers :

  • Daily withdrawal of up to $ 5,000 (about $ 20,000)
  • Free issue
  • $ 44.95 annual fee (paid when activating the card)
  • $ 10 card replacement (was $ 44.95 before)
  • Chip (the previous one didn't)
  • It does not charge additional fees for purchases, only the exchange.

The best change was about charging the annuity.

In the old card, Paxum already charged $ 44.95 when making the request through the website. The amount was immediately deducted from your balance.

Now, you only pay this fee when you unlock the card on the website, after receiving it at your address.

Much fairer, right?

Vantagens do novo cartão Paxum UnionPay com chip

The new card no longer shows the Paxum brand, but the Global Bank of Commerce , with the UnionPay flag.

In addition, all cards are now printed with a chip.

The old card only came with that old magnetic stripe.

How to use your new Paxum Prepaid Card

To activate, it remains the same.

With the card in hand, just:

  • Log in to your Paxum account
  • Click on the activation link on the home screen.
  • and follow the steps to create your password

Then it is unlocked on the spot ...

... and you can now add USD (dollar) balance to use.

But note that every time you load the card with Paxum balance, you pay $ 0.25 for the transaction.

That hasn't changed, either.

Novo cartão Paxum UnionPay - Saque e Débito

Where is the new card accepted?

In Brazil, UnionPay cards are accepted in any trade with the Rede's machine, which is one of the most used.

For payments and withdrawals, UnionPay does not charge any additional fees.

But the value of the transaction is converted into Real, based on the exchange rate for the day.

Withdrawals and consultations

You can use any Itaú ATM to withdraw and check your Paxum account balance.

Outside of Brazil, you can do this at any ATM or local bank.

In any case, the bank makes the immediate conversion to the local currency (with the exchange rates of the day).

In the case of brazil: the conversion is USD > BRL

Paxum card (old): the most common problems

Despite the ease of being able to withdraw from any ATM at Banco 24Horas…

… The old Paxum card had 3 horrible problems:

  • A fee of US $ 44.95 was charged before the card was printed
  • Card printing took too long (the fault of the former issuing bank)
  • It took about 6 months to deliver here in Brazil

And yet, a lot of people waited, to avoid receiving money by Wire Transfer - the $ 50 international transfer fee.

What to do with the old card?

If you ordered a Paxum Card before 5/1/2019, it was probably still the old model.

So if you haven't received it yet, follow the instructions below to:

  • Cancel the current order
  • Receive the $ 44.95 chargeback
  • and order the new Paxum Unionpay card

Even with the launch of the new card, you still need to contact Paxum support to cancel the old one.

The procedure is not automatic.

But do not worry that it is very easy to solve.

I pasted the message we used below. Just log into your Paxum account and click on the Message Center link to open a support ticket.

Only use this if you've ordered a Paxum card before, but haven't received it yet.

Copy and paste this message:


It's been a while since I applied for the Paxum card, but it has not been issued yet. I thought it would only take some business days.

Therefore, I would like to cancel this request, be refunded and make a new order for the UnionPay card. Even if it takes time, I'll be charged only when I activate it.

Thank you. Best Regards.

Well, with this message you will receive a refund of the amount paid before ...

Then you can order the new UnionPay card.

Paxum support is usually very fast and responds within 48 hours (business days).

So if you were in doubt about how to receive money from Paxum, I hope this post has been useful for you.

Whenever I have news about ways to receive money from Camming, I will post it here on the blog.


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