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VDC Project: Get behind the scenes of the process of creating and launching our new brand

Jan Carty
Written by Jan Carty
VDC Project: Get behind the scenes of the process of creating and launching our new brand
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We have a new face!

New name.

New website.

And a traffic stop look:]

But such a special milestone could not be overlooked.


So I made a nonstandard post.

The content is very personal and different from the others you have read here on the blog .

If you have been with me for some time, you know that I am detail ...

So I thought it would be interesting to show the backstage of the last month ...

… And I decided to share everything:

  • Why the new name
  • Our migration process
  • The renewal of our brand (rebranding)
  • The news that comes around
  • And of course, what will you gain from all this…

If you are reading this without having seen the old site, the name was Secrets of the Webcam.

All of these changes mean more than a new look for the site.

Secrets of the Webcam was a good name in the beginning.

But over time, it started to limit our growth:

  • in content production
  • in reaching new audiences
  • in creating new training
  • and support for readers and students

So we feel the need for something more.

A name that best represents what we do here.

And that's how, in early 2019, I started searching for the perfect name .

Maybe you even think ...

"Okay, but what does all this have to do with my earnings on cam?"

For real?


If you want to earn high as a virtual model / stripper, marketing and branding are some cards for you to have up your sleeve.

Building a “personal brand” in the adult market, even anonymously, is the key to earning over R $ 17,000 a month .

Hit curiosity now?

So if you want to know how things are created here, I invite you to discover how our new brand came about:

Living on Cam.

The process of creating the new brand

If you've ever had to name an important project…

Whether it's a website, your model name or even a child, you understand the power and weight of that decision.

For a child, the name is forever.

In the case of a company, it can be the asset or the defeat.

I even thought about hiring a company that specializes in branding , but I didn't want to leave this job in the hands of someone outside the adult market.

Much less, someone outside camming.

The adult market has its own details, which normal companies generally do not.

So I decided that the entire creation process would be internal .

From scratch to launch.

Here, in addition to representing our business, the new name should meet some prerequisites.

It would need to be:

  • A short name
  • Easy to remember and type
  • Pleasant to read (without rolling your tongue)
  • A small, .com URL

And more…

The new name would have to convey a broader purpose than just a few secrets from the webcam ...

I needed to create a new call for a cause that already exists, but is still little known here ...

Gathering all ideas

I took a pad and wrote down all the words we use most in camming.

Over time, I had a list with dozens of ideas. Each name with its own meaning.

Tip: This is also a part of the process of creating your model name. The nickname used on the websites is the first step to get you started as Camgirl , Camboy , Casal or Trans.

# 1 The pleasure of doing what you love.

When any activity becomes a hobby or more, it means that it does us good.

That gives us pleasure, satisfaction.

And what would be the effect, if a super-paid job provided the same dose (or more) of well-being?

Supporting yourself only with the earnings of virtual shows is no longer absurd. Camming is already the main activity for many people in Brazil.

And when it is not the main one (to maintain a facade job, proof of the curious), much of the revenue comes (secretly) from the shows.

So why not teach other people to live on just that ?

# 2 How to better represent all this diversity?

The term “webcam” no longer represents the entire camming market, because you no longer need to have one to start making money from it.

The word Cam is much broader and can have other meanings:

It could be the smartphone camera, a digital camera, a camcorder, the famous webcam…

Or even a GoPro!

Well, I know models that use these "action cameras" to transmit from different and exotic places ... Like the beach, pool, forest, snow, desert, in the water, in the car, etc. All for creativity and fun 😀

All of these “Cams” are working tools, in the hands of our audience.

And that covers many more people, both professional and amateur, in the adult entertainment market.

  • Models
  • Virtual strippers
  • Influencers
  • Sex vloggers
  • Adult film actors / actresses
  • Amateur / home video producers
  • And other variations that come around

So the sum of these two ideas:

  1. Living from what you love
  2. Camming diversity

It was the trigger that generated the new brand.

The move to Circlekbl was important for us, as it marked the beginning of a new stage ...

A big step for us and also for you!

Since the new brand will take our website to the next level:

  • More professional
  • More attractive
  • More affordable
  • Wider

Several times, I avoided posting on social networks, and I stopped creating new videos, precisely to avoid using the old brand and name, which would soon be renewed.

Yes, I am extremely perfectionist in all my projects ...

… And that is both a wonder and a tragedy. LOL

But in addition, several unforeseen events arose when designing the site migration, the name change and the construction of the new look.

And then everything was postponed for a while…

But it finally worked.

The project got off the ground and that's what you can see now.

The evolution of the idea

I already wanted to have it all launched in 2018, when I created the first version of the site for Brazilians.

But as things only evolve with testing, the Circlekbl brand couldn't have existed before .

Despite having worked in the European adult market, which is a giant…

... I had no idea how the project would be received here in Brazil.

Not even if people would be receptive to the idea of ​​taking this as a serious business.

Even with two large cam sites already operating in the market.

The fact is that there was an unknown and unmet demand for quality content.

And I discovered this in practice when monitoring ...

  • the graph of visits growing , with only 8 articles written
  • number of comments and questions
  • 1st place on Google for all posts
  • the positive feedbacks we get from readers and students

All of these metrics gave me the green light I needed to take the next step in the evolution of the project.

Living on Cam: What's new?

The adult cam market is maturing ...

... and getting more sophisticated ... Which makes the activity be seen as serious work.

Virtual models are already more respected online.

And some camgirls have become digital influencers, because they talk more openly about what they do.

That is why camming is no longer just a "Plan B" or just any job.

And it doesn't have to be just that “beak” who pays the bills at the end of the month.

When that view finally changes within people ...

... That's when business becomes a lifestyle !

So, the look of the new site needed to represent all of that.

# 1 Brand new design

Right away, Circlekbl has a cleaner, more vibrant and attractive look.

But in addition to the new theme, several other things contributed to this.

* New color palette

Although beautiful, the old purple color didn't mean much to us ...

So the focus was on the hottest and most vibrant colors.

And what could be sexier than shades of red and orange ?

Red is the warmest and most dynamic color: it is active , sexy and intense .

3 attributes that are essential for virtual models to awaken the immediate desire in those who assist.

Orange is more balanced, vibrant and inviting.

It recalls warmth , joy , encouragement and enthusiasm , which are great characteristics to retain an audience in videos and lives.

So the gradient with various shades of orange and red was perfect for:

  • Define the new brand
  • Convey the new purpose
  • And better represent our audience. You <3

* New logo

The Secrets of the Webcam was born as a course, and only later did it also become a blog.

And then the two (website and course) got the same name and look very similar…

So as it already bothered me a lot, the logo was the next item on the list of changes.

# 2 Best browsing experience

At Circlekbl, the new theme (which gives the site functions) is completely customized to display beautiful and fast pages.

The blog posts are more pleasant to read on any screen ...

… And you can find information more easily through the search bar at the top of the site.

And in practice, what really changes for you?

In the coming weeks, a lot of new things will appear here.

More free camming content

The blog page became more intuitive and ready to receive the new posts from Viver de Cam.

I am producing some new tutorials, to post every week.

And now we also have a new member on the team! She is a journalist, camgirl at Chaturbate and is bringing a very special content, which will add up a lot here on the blog.

Better support for readers and students

As you may already know, we are a lean team of 3 people. Each with essential functions and skills for the project: Management, Design and Programming.

In 2019, our audience of readers / students grew very fast and we started to receive MANY support emails.

Answering all of them is my job, for now.

The problem:

Our old server overloaded and gave a lot of headaches.

Several messages did not reach our inbox and people were left with no answers…

The solution:

The new server now supports any flood of emails. And you will not be left without an answer:]

In addition, many support emails had very similar questions about websites and settings. And so we are developing the VDC Community here on the site:

A place with answers to all the main questions you may have.

And if your question is not there, I will answer you by email.

Video tutorial production

Yes, they had been left out of the content agenda on Secrets of the Webcam.

But now they are back!

New video tutorials on:

  • Webcam sites (foreign and national)
  • Technical settings
  • Tips for beginners
  • And strategies to earn more

… They are coming out of the oven straight to the Circlekbl channel .

Expectations and next steps

Well, as you saw above, the process of creating Circlekbl was long.

I loved working on it and sharing here the whole journey of creativity that we went through.

And I hope you enjoyed this new format, with the backstage of our website.

If you found it useful and want to see more behind the scenes , comment below.

See you in the next post.

Big hug!


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Naara Midiam Lima do Nascimento
Naara Midiam Lima do Nascimento

I found this content interesting and useful, as I wish I could work as a camgirl


is it still profitable, like to earn about 3 thousand a month as a beginner? having a good camera like the logitech c920, good connection for transmission and a scenario ok? I really want to start, I have already provided everything, but I am afraid to drop what I do to dedicate myself full See more »


You are to be congratulated! I found it sensational to show about the construction of visual identity and the meanings behind it, because it can serve as a tip for us too. Keep doing this incredible job! ♥