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All your personal information collected will be used to help you visit our site if it is the most productive and pleasant possible. Ensuring the confidentiality of the personal data of our site users is important for the Living on Cam site. All personal information. related to members, suscriptors, customers or visitors who use the Circlekbl website will be in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 26 October 1998 (Law 67/98). Personal information can be compiled including your name , e-mail, phone number and / or mobile phone, address, birth lock and / or other use of the Live Cam site implies acceptance of this Privacy Notice. The Live Cam team reserves the right to change this agreement without prior notice. Therefore, we recommend that you review our privacy policy regularly to keep up to date.

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As with other websites, we collect and use information contained in advertisements. The information contained in the advertisements includes your Internet Protocol (IP) address, your Internet service provider (ISP) such as Frog, Clix or other), the browser that you use to visit our website (such as Internet Explorer Firefox) , the time of your visit and the pages you visit on our website.

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In addition, we also use third party advertising on our website to cover maintenance costs. Some of these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies and web beacons when advertising on a different website, which will allow advertisers (such as Google through Google AdSense) to also receive their personal information, such as their IP address, their ISP, your browser, etc. This function is generally used for geographic orientation (which changes from Brazil only to lectors coming from Brazil, for example) or to show advertising aimed at a type of user (such as showing restaurant advertising to a user visiting websites of cooks regularly, for example). )

You have the power to deactivate your cookies, in your browser options or making changes to the Anti-Virus program tools such as Norton Internet Security. However, they can change the way they interact with our website or other websites. This may not allow you to initiate sessions on programs, websites or forums on the web and other networks.

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