How to sign up for Chaturbate and earn your first dollars [Definitive Guide]

Jan Carty
Written by Jan Carty
How to sign up for Chaturbate and earn your first dollars [Definitive Guide]
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They have an absurd amount of daily visitors, are growing at an insane pace, and have some of the highest paying viewers in the Webcam universe!

If you already know a little about Chaturbate, you know exactly what I'm talking about. But if you are a complete beginner and want to know how to:

  • register correctly on the site;
  • be approved quickly;
  • start earning your first show commissions;

So I recommend that you stick around and follow this guide very carefully.

In recent years Chaturbate has become one of the biggest and best sites for webcam models worldwide.

And do you know what the best part is?

Anyone (beginner or not) can make good money there, as long as they know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Chaturbate has an enormous amount of traffic per day ... and that is exactly what we want!

More visitors means more viewers and opportunities for you just starting out.

The commission paid by Chaturbate is excellent and there it is much easier to get a good number of viewers quickly, even if you still don't quite understand how it works.

How to sign up for Chaturbate

As I receive several emails with this same question, I decided to make this complete guide teaching the entire step by step for you to also register as a webcam model in Chaturbate.

Step 1: Fill out the form

Open the registration page and you will see a screen like the image below. In this step you will fill in the basic information of your profile, such as:

  • username (Attention here)
  • a password
  • email*
  • date of birth
  • sex

(*) Pro tip: For privacy reasons, I recommend that you sign up with an email different from the one you use for your personal Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts. Ideally, you should create a new email account just to work with the virtual stripper.

Remember to check the reCaptcha “I’m not a robot” and the consent fields.

Note: You need to choose your username very carefully, as it is through it that people will get to know you.

After registering at Chaturbate, your name cannot be changed.

So choose something sexy and attractive, preferably in English. So you can reach and attract users from all over the world.

My most valuable tip here is:

Spend time thinking about the best nickname for you. Choose something unique and avoid generic or very common names, which several other users may have something like.

When you complete this step, click the orange button to continue.

You will now receive a verification message in the email you just registered with Chaturbate. Just click on the link inside the message to confirm that the email is yours.

Step 2: “Make a Transmission”

In the main Chaturbate menu, click on “Make a broadcast” to start setting up your model account.

You will see this warning screen. Make sure you adhere to Chaturbate's age guidelines.

Click the orange button to continue.

Step 3: Configure your webcam

In this tutorial, we assume that your webcam is working correctly and that it is installed correctly. If not, it is not a big problem. Follow your manufacturer's instructions. The normal thing is to install / download the camera drivers, install them and connect the camera. If you have problems with your webcam, check with the manufacturer.

Como cadastrar no Chaturbate - Configuração da webcam

Your transmission area is in the area marked in green in the image above. First, you will be asked for permission to access your webcam. Click on the green button that allows access to your webcam. Your Internet browser may also ask for permission.

Here you have several options available. In the resolution, you change precisely that, the resolution of the image. In Quality, the bit rate is modified. The smaller it is, the less the image quality. You must find a value that fits the characteristics of your webcam and your Internet connection. Try not to let the image speed (FPS) drop below 15. If this happens, the image will not be viewed fluidly and it will not please your viewers. Test until acceptable quality is achieved at all levels.

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Meet my step-by-step to make your first R $ 1,000 with virtual shows, in the next 7 days .

Even if you've never done this before!

Step 4: Age verification and documents

To start making money on Chaturbate, you need to prove that you are of legal age.

Basically, you will sign a document and send two photos. That simple.

On the same screen where you authorized the webcam display, there is a link below that says “submit age verification”. Click on it.

How to sign up for Chaturbate - Age verification

On this next page, first click on “ Step 1: Agree to the Performer Agreement”.

Como cadastrar no Chaturbate - Informações pessoais

Here you must enter your full name, your email and the date of birth. Then click on the gray button to show the contract.

Como cadastrar no Chaturbate - Termo de uso para performer

This is the contract that needs your signature. Below is a field for you to sign your full name. After that just click on the button to send the document.

Okay, now is the time to send the images.

Como cadastrar no Chaturbate - imagens para verificação de idade

Image 1: clear photo of your identity document, showing both sides.

Image 2: photo of you, holding the same document next to your face.

The first image is simple, it can be a quality photo of your document or it can be scanned if you have a scanner. It is important that both sides appear in the same image.

If you use your license (CNH), just remove the plastic and unfold to show the two sides of the document. In the case of the standard ID card, you will need to take two photos and merge them into one image.

Tip: If you don't know how to merge both sides of the document into a single photo, there are simple ways to do this without requiring knowledge or installing programs. Just access this website and follow the 3 steps I put in the image below.

1 and 2. After taking front and back photos of your document, click on the “add” button to add the two files.

3. Click on “Generate Image” to create and save the merged image.

The second image is like taking a selfie while holding your ID card.

Don't worry about it, Chaturbate takes users' privacy very seriously and your files are safe

At this stage it is very important to make sure that the document is very clear in the photo, as well as your face, which should appear in full. You can take the pictures with your phone, as long as it has a good resolution.

Check out some precautions to take a good verification selfie:

  • Take the picture in a well-lit place
  • Select the best quality (resolution) on your device
  • Hold the document by your face
  • Make sure your face and document are clear in the photo
  • Hold your document just by the edges, without covering anything

Small, unclear images will be denied by the verification team and this will definitely delay your first transmissions.

But if you take all these precautions that I went through, the Chaturbate team will contact you quickly, stating that your age verification has been approved.

And that means that you are already close to start earning your first dollars on the webcam!

Well, we're almost done 🙂

Want to see other webcam sites in the same style as Chaturbate? Here are the top 8 to get you started .

Step 5: Choosing how you will receive your payments

Once you have your identity verified, you can start receiving tokens from your viewers. And to convert real money tokens into your bank account, you need to choose how Chaturbate will make these deposits.

They accept various forms of payment. For models who live in the USA, the best option is direct deposit.

And for those who live in Brazil, it is recommended to use Paxum, a secure PayPal-style electronic wallet. You can receive the money by transfer or use their card (ordered separately) to withdraw from 24 Hour Bank ATMs.

To register for Paxum, click here .

And check out my guide on How to check your Paxum account and convert tokens for your bank .

Step 6: Set up your Chat room

Now let's get your chat room ready to finally make money.


The “My Bio” tab allows you to fill in your profile with model information such as, where you are from, age, your tastes, etc.

It is ideal that you put an interesting description here.

Many novice models find that no one really takes the trouble to read this section. Well, it is true that few viewers do this, but it is a mistake to leave it blank.

Those who are interested in reading your profile to learn more about you, also usually pay tokens to be able to get to know you even better. And isn't that exactly our goal?

So you better think of something cool to put on your profile. Remember that you are "competing" with thousands of other models. Be fun, interesting and relaxed.


If you do not want to be seen by potential acquaintances who access the site, in the "Settings and privacy" tab it is possible to block your country to prevent this.

Pay attention that if you block Brazil, for example, the ideal is that you speak and understand English. Since this is going to be the dominant audience.

Private shows

In that same tab you can also choose how much you want to charge for private shows. You can charge up to 150 tokens per minute.

Of course, you can never charge that in the beginning. Here, the idea is that less is more .

The more expensive your shows are, the less interested people you will have. And since your goal is to reach as many viewers in the first few weeks, the strategy has to be the other way around.

So choose a medium / low value and wait until you have a larger number of regular users, before increasing that price.


The "Tokens Stats" tab shows your winnings and converts that amount to real money.

Como cadastrar no Chaturbate - Transferir tokens

Whenever you want to withdraw an amount, it is important to remember to make this conversion within a payment period.

Every month, there are two periods for you to make a withdrawal request.

  • 1 to 15: Chaturbate will pay until the 22nd of the same month.
  • 16 to 31: payment will be made until the 7th of the following month.

Remember: the minimum amount you must have in tokens to request a withdrawal is equivalent to $ 50.

Done, now your account at Chaturbate is already set up and ready to do the first shows online.

In addition, take care of your profile! Below is a checklist for you to remember the basics inside and outside the shows:

  • Fill your profile with creativity
  • Show your show schedule: the days and times you are online
  • Stick to your schedules. Over time, your fans will count on it
  • Put beautiful photos, in good resolution, so that they recognize you when you are offline
  • Keep the room well lit
  • Always interact with viewers
  • Have sympathy and charisma, even if your day was bad
  • Set minimum tokens to show nudity and don't change your mind in the same session
  • DO NOT show anything if the value is not reached
  • Put videos for sale on your profile
  • Have a model profile on Twitter
  • Never use your real name
  • Never pass your personal number

By following these tips, you will be well off to start this wonderful journey as a webcam model.

In the first transmissions you will need to stay online for many hours if you want to grow fast and stand out from the other beginner models.

Is that so!

You have to create a nice bond with your viewers and it takes time.

In a few weeks you will start to see a consistent result and that is when your gains jump!

Being a webcam model and making a lot of money from it is not difficult, but it requires goodwill.

And if you've read this far, I'm sure that's not lacking.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this Chaturbate tutorial. Any questions, just send me a message or leave a comment below.


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