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How much money does a Camgirl earn? Real numbers revealed (2020)

Jan Carty
Written by Jan Carty
How much money does a Camgirl earn? Real numbers revealed (2020)
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For anyone who starts showing off on the webcam, the most common question (and the one I get the most) is:

"How much does a camgirl earn?"

or "How much money can a guy earn on the webcam?"

If you are also looking for the answer to how much you can do as a camgirl or webcam model, then you have come to the right place!

Okay, maybe you've seen these webcam ads that circulate on porn sites, recruiting new models (men or women) to work. Some claim that it is possible to earn R $ 10,000, 15,000, 25,000 per month as a virtual striper.


Depending on the site where you see the ads, some values ​​may appear in dollars or in reais.

But after all, are these promises of earnings really true or do they only serve to attract curious people who want to earn some money by showing off?

Well, as someone who has trained and promoted hundreds of stripers on the internet and knows exactly what they are capable of (when it comes to making money), I can tell you:

  • How much does a CamGirl earn
  • How much a CamBoy can earn
  • And how much couples do on webcam

How much does a Cam Girl earn?

Telling you an exact number of how much a cam girl earns a month would be wrong of me.

If someone tells you an exact figure, then you are being misled about the earning potential on the webcam.

That's because a camgirl's gain depends on a lot of factors. And some of them are:

  • If you are experienced or a beginner
  • The public type you want to reach
  • What fetishes do you perform at shows
  • Whether you have followers or not
  • How many hours are you dedicating on cam
  • If you’re using smart techniques (I’ll talk about that soon)
  • Among other factors

Some webcam networks make promises too high, based on the income of their best models ...

And then, many beginners end up giving up after a few days, because they entered with too high expectations, without evaluating these factors.

In addition, I think it is important to say that no model openly says how much she earns per month, since the information would certainly make viewers close their wallets!

Yes, many customers love to pay…

... But they would hate to know that you earn a month what they would earn in a year.

The fact is: I am aware of these values ​​and I want to tell you. 🙂

My team and I are always up to date on what happens on the best webcam sites in Brazil and abroad.

I have also trained hundreds of Brazilian camgirls (in addition to camboys and couples), so I can tell you the real values you can do in camming .

(Online Hours + Experience) = More Earnings

The profit of a virtual striper increases over time, as it starts to appear more and turns ordinary viewers into loyal customers.

In the beginning, it's super normal to spend several hours online to earn something - or nothing.

And you shouldn't have to worry about that, that's how it is. The most important thing is that you stay online.

After a few days, you will already know your audience more, you will understand what they want and, probably, you will already have followers.

And this is exactly where your earnings start to come in and increase!

In addition, as you gain more experience, you start taking advantage of new ways to earn money, such as:

  • Join other webcam networks
  • Sell ​​nudes
  • Create VIP clubs
  • Learn tricks to sell more
  • Affiliate income
  • Agency new models

As a result, you end up making a lot more money from your list of followers.

How much does a camgirl earn - Does the model's age affect earnings?

This is another very popular question that I get almost every day.

But the answer is quite simple.

Certainly, models aged 18 to 30 years have greater appeal and reach more audiences quickly.

But that doesn't stop a +40 camgirl from having success and gains. In fact, it's the other way around ...

There is an audience for all ages and different fetishes. You would really be surprised by this!

And the same goes for boys and couples.

So, do you want to know more about the world of camgirls? Then join my VIP list and receive my Free Course for camgirls - in addition to strategies I don't reveal here on the blog.

Meet my step-by-step to make your first R $ 1,000 with virtual shows, in the next 7 days . Even if you've never done this before!

Meet my step-by-step to make your first R $ 1,000 with virtual shows, in the next 7 days .

Even if you've never done this before!

What is the average earnings as a Chaturbate model

You can see that I talk a lot about Chaturbate here.

Not that it is the only webcam site where models can make a lot of money, but it certainly offers great opportunities.

And of course, there is a great “table” of earnings for us to compare!

In Chaturbate, approximately 1800 to 4600 models are online at one time .

Between them:

  • about 60% are women
  • 30% are men
  • the other 10% are trans and couples

So, generally 2000 camgirls are online at the same time, every day.

This may seem like a lot, but you will see that most give up quickly because they do not know what to do ... So you should not worry so much about competition now.

Points for you, who follow me on the blog and are reading this far! Few people try to improve.

Note: A male webcam model earns around 1/3 of what a girl earns. And a couple earns about 3 times what a woman earns. These numbers will help you understand what I'm going to show you next.

At Chaturbate, the better your position among live webcams, the more money you earn.

If you are already well ranked, you will surely be earning more. The first page gives more exposure and more clicks. But that happens on almost all webcam sites.

See this earnings table:

Chaturbate page

Average Tokens

Average earnings

On the home page

2,000 to 5,000 / hour

$ 100-250 / hour

Second page

500 to 2,000 / hour

35% tips / 65% private shows

Third and fourth page

100-1,000 / hour

10% tips / 90% private shows

Among the latest models

0 -600 / hour

Most of the earnings from private shows

Token is the currency that works within Chaturbate and is then converted into cash (dollar).

  • The camgirls on the first page earn from 2,000 to 5,000 tokens per hour
  • Converting to cash, that would be $ 100 to $ 250 dollars an hour

With the dollar costing R $ 4 reais in Aug / 2020, if you were on the first page, you could earn from R $ 400 to R $ 1000 per hour!

Yes ... it is true.

Chaturbate may not be the largest webcam network in the world, but it is certainly the most popular.

Camgirls are already dominating the adult audience in recent years.

In fact, Chaturbate is the site with the highest number of high-level stripers who earn 5 digits a month. This means that they earn from US $ 10,000 per month (approximately 40 thousand reais).

Hard to believe?

The best camgirls can reach $ 50,000 / month. Of course, they are girls who have a lot of followers and work on it full time.

In Brazil, earnings are usually slightly lower, if your audience is only Brazilians.

Here below I show the average earnings (in Reais) of Brazilians who exhibit only on Chaturbate:

Cam Girls:

They earn from R $ 300 to R $ 1,000 per day. R $ 1,000 per day is for camgirls who have a huge fan base, go online regularly and earn high tips.

Monthly average: R $ 19 thousand

Cam Boys:

The boys make from R $ 100 to R $ 330 / day. If it is a couple of guys, this amount increases and can go over R $ 500 per day.

Monthly average: R $ 6 thousand


Couples do more than any model alone. Around R $ 900 - R $ 4,000 / day. If you attract attention and know how to win the audience, you will earn a lot of money, even if you spend only a few hours in front of the camera.

People just love to see couples on Chaturbate!

Anyway, these are the average earnings based on the people I coach. There will be days when you can earn more, and others where you will earn less.

Celebrate your birthdays on the Webcam ...

For you to have an idea of ​​the amount of money that goes into it, let me show you a case that became very famous…

A foreign girl (nicknamed ChronicLove) who was celebrating her 21st birthday online, won a token bomb as a gift. At once…

That day got even better, when she was hit by a giant tip of 252,521 tokens ! This tip was worth over $ 12,000…

Check the screen print there:

Quanto ganha uma CamGirl no Chaturbate

Converting to Reais (with the dollar costing R $ 4 in 2018), this means that if she were Brazilian, she would have earned R $ 48,000 Reais in a single stroke!

Yeah, I'm sure her day was very special 😀

Of course, it didn't happen overnight. This camgirl already had a following and was online very often.

This happened in 2014 ... And it was a milestone in the history of the site.

Since then, history has repeated itself thousands of times, with more AND less gains.

Now, many more people access Chaturbate a day, and tons of money circulate to those who work on it.

Believe me: cam girls (and guys too, of course) can make huge amounts of money on Chaturbate.

I have seen this happen many times with students I have trained. And I keep seeing, every day, with those who follow the tips here on the Blog.

How much money can you make as a webcam model?

Let me be honest with you: these “mega salaries” are not the norm.

Anyone who is just starting out will need to put in some effort before they start to see the kind of money we're talking about here.

But it is not difficult for a beginner model to achieve a constant monthly income in a short time.

Especially if she avoids the most common mistakes that everyone makes, and that are the main cause of withdrawal.

Pay attention to your monthly invoicing

Earning a large amount on camming is not at all difficult, so be careful.

The biggest problem that some camgirls face when they grow up too fast is that there is not enough time to understand how to declare earnings.

Yes, the billing of the shows must also be included in the Income Tax .

Even if you still earn little on cam or if you never declared IR ...

... it is important to have this information on hand.

Thinking about it, I sought the partnership of an accountant specialized in the subject.

The result: we created the most complete material you will find on IR for virtual models .

Other factors that affect a Camgirl's earnings

Beautiful face: Usually, the prettier you are, the more money you earn. But this is not a rule. There are times when your way of being is what draws the most attention.

Variety of services: don't get attached to just one niche / fetish. The more tastes you serve, the more money you can earn.

Online agenda: the best strategy is to go online when target customers are around. For the first few days, remember to stay online long enough to know what times are most profitable for you.

Study our guide: I shared an insane amount of useful information for any webcam or camgirl model. Follow all these valuable tips and tricks and you won't need anything else to be a webcam model! Check out our guide for camgirls here .

If you follow a step by step and get online often, it's a great start.

Remember to have patience and a medium / long term vision.

You can certainly reach an income of R $ 2 thousand to 5 thousand reais with your webcam, in a matter of weeks.

As I said before, I know these values ​​because of the models (beginners and experienced) that I have trained and that share their victories with me by email.

So I guarantee you are not just chasing an illusion here.

There is a lot of real money to be made as a webcam model, but you need dedication, hard work and common sense.

Whether as a woman, man or trans. Whether straight, gay or bi.

Never doubt it!

If you follow all the tips I share here on the blog with dedication, I'm sure that in a short time you will have great results like CamGirl, CamBoy or Cam Couple.

I hope you enjoyed this thorough review and I hope I have answered all your questions about webcam earnings.

If you still have any questions or suggestions for content, just comment below. 🙂


what did you think of this content? Tell it in the comments.

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