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Paxum: How to create and validate your account, receive money from tokens and make withdrawals

Jan Carty
Written by Jan Carty
Paxum: How to create and validate your account, receive money from tokens and make withdrawals
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Are you a cam model on a foreign website?

If so, then you may need a Paxum account to withdraw your winnings.

Paxum is a multi-currency electronic wallet , PayPal style.

And it is used by some of the largest webcam sites in the world, to pay for their models and affiliates:

  • Chaturbate
  • Cam4
  • ImLive
  • Streamate
  • CamSoda
  • And many others ...

If you live in Brazil and work on one of these sites, Paxum is the only way to receive your payments.

Yes, the only one.

And a lot of people ask me why these sites don't pay for PayPal or Payoneer, which are simpler and more agile.

To summarize this in a quick way ...

Adult websites are businesses considered high risk for banks. So these companies pay more fees, to offset this risk, and charge higher fees to all customers.

This means that companies like PayPal prefer not to accept this type of payment, to keep their rates low.

Currently, Paxum is one of the few systems that accepts to broker payments from adult sites .

And that is why the largest webcam networks in the world use it.

Access the link below for us to continue:

1. How to create your Paxum account

To open a new account, use an email different from the one you use for your personal Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts.

If you already work as a virtual stripper and have read my tutorial on Chaturbate , you know that I recommend creating an email just for use in model accounts.

It is not mandatory, but it gives more security and privacy to keep it all separate.

Open the Paxum website and click register .

How to create Paxum account and receive payments

Fill in the information to create your account and click the blue button to continue.

If you're using Google Chrome, you may want to translate the page by clicking in the upper right corner.

Now, inside the account home page, click on the link that says:

“( Unverified - Click here to Verify Account)”

2. Checking your Paxum account

validate bank account to receive camming earnings

  1. Choose the type of document. The most common in Brazil is to use the identity card (ID Card) or the CNH (Driver's License).
  2. Place a hyphen (-) in the “series” field and enter your document number in the other field.
  3. Date of issue
  4. Issuing body
  5. Issuing country
  6. State where the document was issued
  7. Expiration date
  8. Here you insert the image of your document. I'll explain it better now:

Note: You can also use your Work Card to verify the account.

Tips to get your document approved first!

You can scan or take a picture of the document with your phone (as long as it has good resolution).

If using your cell phone, do it right, on a well-lit table (DO NOT use a flash, you can shit the photo!), Place the document on a white sheet and avoid making shadows.

The image should be :

  • Sharp and clear
  • Without cuts
  • With all letters readable

Do not send if the image looks like this:

  • Cut
  • Blurry
  • Unreadable
  • Dark
  • In low resolution
  • In black and white
  • With some information covered

If you upload a poor quality image on the website, it will be rejected and you will only waste time having to redo the steps above.

If you are going to use your driver's license (CNH), just remove it from the plastic and unfold it to show the two sides of the document. In the case of the standard ID card, you will need to take two photos and merge them into one image.

Tip: If you do not know how to join the two sides of the document in a single photo, just access this website and follow the 3 steps I put in the image below.

1 and 2. After taking front and back photos of your document, click on the “add” buttons to add the two files.

3. Click on “Generate Image” to create and save the merged image.

And then just go back to Paxum and load the file on the already filled page.

It can take around 7 working days for you to receive a return email. Paxum's document verification department doesn't work on weekends.

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3. Confirm your address

Now go to this page: My account > Profile > Street Adress Confirmation

How to create Paxum account and receive payments

Complete your address information and send a photo of a electricity, water, telephone or internet bill.

Here the same thing that I said before goes. The image has to be of quality.

They usually check with your ID, but they can approve separately. It's very quiet!

Beauty, first stage: ready!

While you wait for approval, we will configure the bank details that you will use to withdraw the money.

4. How to add a bank account

Open “ Withdraw Funds ” in the menu and click on WIRE Transfer , as in the image:

How to create Paxum account and receive payments

Click on Add Bank Account

How to create Paxum account and receive payments

And fill in your full name, exactly as it is in the bank.

In Bank Account Details you will need to generate two codes - SWIFT and IBAN.

When you make an international transfer, you need to adjust your account numbers to the international standard

And these codes facilitate transactions between different countries and currencies.

validate bank account to receive camming earnings

Field 1. Bank SWIFT Code:

SWIFT is an international bank code. For example, my bank is Bradesco and my branch is in São Paulo.


To find yours, enter here , click on the name of your bank and copy the code according to your state / city.

And then just paste the code in field 1 and validate.

Field 2. IBAN

It means “International Bank Account Number”. It gathers the agency, account numbers and digits to form a unique code.

In short ... It will be your "bank address" to receive foreign money. Ready.

Access this site to assemble your code:

iban calculator

Fill in the data exactly as requested there and click the button to calculate.

Paste the code in field 2 of Paxum and click the button to validate.

How to create Paxum account and receive payments

Now yes! Field 3 will be filled in by itself with a new code and you only need to select USD in Field 4 . (I repeated the same image above)

How to create Paxum account and receive payments

Complete the latest information on the page (date of birth and country where you were born) and finish with the “Add Bank Account” button.

Okay, your bank account has been registered and you can now send Paxum the tokens of the website where you work (Chaturbate, Cam4, etc.).

Now, if the Paxum staff has already validated your documents and your account status is " verified" , then you can now make withdrawals.

Before requesting a withdrawal at Paxum

Some banks may retain international values ​​when they do not recognize the source of the money.

Maybe yours is like that. Maybe not.

But to avoid any problems, I suggest you call your agency and ask the manager to release your account to receive amounts in foreign currency.

It is very simple and can avoid annoyances when receiving.

5. Time to withdraw your dollars!

Assuming you already have a token amount on your webcam site and converted that amount into Paxum, you have two safe options for using the money:

  • Request an International Wire Transfer
  • Use the Prepaid Card and withdraw at any Itaú ATM

WIRE Transfer

I only recommend using the transfer if you already have more than $ 500 in your account.

The fee for each Wire Transfer is $ 50. So it is good to withdraw large amounts to compensate.

But that's not an excuse, is it?

If you already follow me here on the blog, you know that you can make this amount in a few days of the show.

How to create Paxum account and receive payments

These are the steps (follow the image):

  1. Here shows your dollar (USD) balance at Paxum.
  2. Select the bank account you added earlier.
  3. The amount you will withdraw (the minimum fee is $ 50). If you want to withdraw everything, just click on “Maximum Amount” - the system will fill in the amount yourself.
  4. A description of the withdrawal (you can use something like “Service payments”)
  5. Enter the approval code . This is sent by email when you validate your account.

And then just click on the button to continue and finish the withdrawal.

If you did not receive an approval code when you had your Paxum account validated:

  • Click on “ Approval Codes Table
  • Find the link “ Generate new Transaction Approval Codes
  • And click the button below - they will send you an email with new codes.

Get the code in the email, paste it in field 5 and click on " Continue " to finish the withdrawal.

Paxum Prepaid Card

Update: Paxum launched a new card, with the UnionPay flag. I made a post explaining everything about it: Benefits of the new Paxum UnionPay card

To order the card, you need to have the account already verified and with a balance.

In the website menu, open the “ Apply for Card ” page and complete the form.

  1. How your name will appear on the card
  2. Card banner
  3. Hold in USD
  4. Delivery address
  5. Choose economical delivery - free (may take around 1-2 months to arrive in Brazil)
  6. Your available balance (USD)
  7. Check “ I agree… ” to agree to the terms
  8. Click the Apply button

Pro tip: your proof of address must be recent (up to 5 months), so you can successfully apply for the card.

Instructions for activating the card come with it by mail.

Adding funds to the card

After activating the card, it is very simple to charge.

Open the " Transfer Funds " link in the menu and click " Between Accounts ".

Just complete the form, enter the charge amount and that's it!

The fee for each transfer is a measly $ 0.25 (dollar cents). Nor does it compare with the exchange rates you would pay for the transfer.

And to withdraw these values, you can use any ATM of the Bank 24h .

They only charge a convenience fee (about R $ 24) for converting the Dollar to Real.

As I said, Paxum is still the most used way to receive money from the main webcam sites.

And I know it can seem kind of complicated.

Since there are several steps ...

But it is what you need to do to receive your money smoothly.

After setting up Paxum, you can focus on what matters most:

Be successful on cam and make money.

My team and I are always looking for updates on the camming market and doing tests.

So if there is any other better way (besides Paxum) to withdraw money from these sites to Brazil, you will know here.

Well, this Paxum tutorial ends here. I hope it was useful for you!

If you paint any doubt, suggestion or if I missed something, post it here in the comments that we can fix. 🙂

Big hug!


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Caracas this post saved me! Thank you ! I was about to pull my hair out because I didn't know what to do to receive my dollars, without having to prove anything to the bank! Very good, thank you ! I'll take the opportunity to ask you something, what would that be here: “Referral See more»


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Hello, congratulations on the tutorial, very nice.
When websites ask for the paxum account ID should I put the code that the IBAN generated?


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Reply to Jan Carty

Thank you for responding. When you have availability, later on, make a tutorial for other forms of payments, such as EPayments, Wire Transfer, etc.


Is the account created business or personal?