How to be a Camboy and make money every month

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How to be a Camboy and make money every month
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Okay, so you want to be a camboy and make some extra money from it ...

But you have no idea how to start?


You have reached the right page.

This content is a sincere and complete vision.

Free from prejudice.

And it will open your mind to the male world of virtual shows, and how to earn some respect in this business.


So enjoy it, I did it for you!

Before you start ...

I need to break some myths.

The first is in the next lines. And the other 3 myths I put in a special part of the article.

Come on.

Os mitos do mercado masculino de camming

This is what prevents many Camboys from trying

There is a myth that circulates in foreign webcam forums…

That only camgirls earn real money.

It's all right…

Women have dominated this market for many years.

And they still represent a good share of earnings.

But before, the role of the guys was just one: to be a spectator / client, and to pay to watch them.

Of course, there were always men wanting to show off online for money.

But the problem was the lack of sites that accepted male models ...

Como ser um camboy no Brasil

The current situation is: The Best!

Fortunately, this is over and now you can choose where to work.

Many webcam sites already have space for men (and couples of the same gender) to perform.

In addition to the paying public, which grows absurdly every day.

Without a doubt, it was a great advance ...

… And you can already take advantage and profit from it all.

However, there is something you need to know:

It is true that many guys tend to be more “good” in relation to:

  • privacy
  • nudity
  • exhibitionism
  • online exhibition

It is a cultural detail, which usually starts there in childhood.

With something like: “boys can pee on the street; not girls, because it's ugly. ”

These are traits of a patriarchal society - but that is not the subject of our post.

The fact is:

This detail makes the entry of men (in the market of virtual shows) much easier - than for women.

Como virar um camboy no Brasil?

How to turn a camboy in Brazil?

Working as a camboy in his spare time is a very convenient way to earn extra money on the internet.

No initial investment.

Without having to leave the house.

And still working directly with what everyone looks for on the internet: pleasure.

Nowadays, many webcam sites (national and foreign) already accept male models, straight couples, gay and trans couples.

Any guy, aged 18 or over , can join this one.

  • Just create an account on a webcam site
  • Submit a document proving you are of legal age.
  • Wait for approval
  • Make the first show
  • and already start making money.

The registration and approval process varies a lot for each site, but it is usually very fast.

I already talk about it and explain the details to you.

O que você precisa pra começar como camboy?

So ... what do you need to start?

First of all, you must have some equipment and accessories.

Usually, this is a part that generates a lot of doubt in the mind of any beginner.

But you will see that there is no mystery.

Note: when I say “no investment”, it is because you can start with what you have at home (notebook, PC with webcam or smartphone). But to have better and faster results, I recommend investing in some items.

Checklist do Camboy iniciante

Beginner Camboy Checklist

So I made a list of some items you will need:

  • Essentials * | without them, you don't move

PC / Notebook *:

It's the main thing. Without a computer (Windows or Mac), not everything works as it should.

Of course, you don't need the most fucking computer of all, but streaming (live videos) via the webcam requires some of the processor, memory and graphics card.

So I advise you to have an average computer, with at least 4GB of RAM.

This way you avoid crashes during concerts.

Note: There are also ways to do this by smartphone, but there is already a subject for another post. 😉

HD webcam

If you have a notebook, you may think you are free to spend on a new webcam ...

Well, that is not the case.

You can even start with the laptop's webcam, but as soon as you receive your first commission as a model, invest in an HD webcam.

The quality of the built-in webcam is very poor and the image will almost always be of low quality.

To make the most of each show, you need to deliver the best image experience to your fans, followers and onlookers.

So make no mistake ...

It makes all the difference when they decide to swipe the card and send you tokens and tips during a show.


The third most important part. A high quality live stream can deliver 10x more fun to viewers.

If they notice crashes or slowness in your video, they can leave your room to see another model's show that has a more fluid transmission.

And it will affect your profits.


Trust me. Even if you take care with the image quality, if your room is poorly lit, you can look very common to the public.

The right lighting makes all the difference when it comes to winning the first click and keeping viewers in your chat room.

A room lit in the right way will make your show look much more professional ...

Even though you're just starting out.

Check out our article on the best lighting for webcam models.

Clothing and accessories

Beginner Camboys don't usually care about that.

But yes ... It's all important!

Of course we are simpler and we don't need as much sexy clothes as camgirls.

But use your creativity.

At the time of the show, take some different underwear from the closet and leave it nearby.

You may want to switch and see which type gets the most attention from the staff.

  • Boxer or slip briefs, boxers, swimwear, etc.
  • Themed clothing

Even though it is unusual to see a camboy online with a T-shirt, try it…

You may get more clicks and interest if you are one of the only partially (still) dressed guys on the site.

And about the accessories, remember what I said before:

Do only what you feel like. But keep an open mind.

  • Cock Rings
  • Masturbators
  • Interactive Vibrators
  • Plugs
  • Dildos
  • Condoms
  • Body oil
  • And if you have a fetish, like BDSM, explore.

Como ser um camboy | Melhores sites

Choosing a Winning Site

What's best for Cam Boys?

This is a step that you cannot skip.

Finding the right site for you to work on will make all the difference.

You can spend a few hours to find and compare which are the best webcam sites.

Or you can follow my experience (and that of my students who already earn more than R $ 300 per day (approximately R $ 9 thousand / month) with the sites I recommend below:

  1. Chaturbate
  2. Cam4

Check out our Complete Guide: How to sign up for Chaturbate and earn your first dollars

These two foreign sites are the best for you to start earning.

And if you are very good at English, I recommend Cam4, which has simultaneous translation of chat messages.

Ah, if you want to know more about each one and see the Brazilian sites ...

… I made a complete post about the 8 Best Webcam Sites for you to work on .

As 4 dúvidas mais comuns que todo camboy tem

The 4 most common questions every camboy has

Every day I receive more than 40 emails from people interested in getting started on the webcam.

Unfortunately, today I can't answer everyone as I would like.

But I write here on the blog…

... and always focused on answering the biggest questions you send me.

So, I help other people who may have the same question.

That is why I have listed below the main ones, which I often receive from readers here on the blog.

Ah, remember the other myths I talked about earlier? The first 3 questions are below:

Dúvidas de camboy: "tenho que fazer coisas gays?"

# 1 Do I have to be gay (or do gay things)?

Here's a big NO for you.

In the virtual world, you only do what you want . Whether you're straight or gay.

That said, many of your fans and customers will be gay, bisexual and curious.

So, if you are gay, your audience at the shows will be male.

If you're straight, guess what… your audience will also be predominantly male!

Well, of course there are women in the public ...

… But honestly, there are few who “spend time” watching and buying pornography on the internet.

In addition, when you have model profiles (with followers), there is a chance that your tweets and other posts will be shared by profiles and LGBT sites. So be okay with that.

Summing up:

You don't have to be gay to serve the gay public.

Plus, watching straight on webcam is also a popular fetish!

Brincadeiras com a bunda?

# 2 Playing with your ass doesn't make you gay

Although you don't have to do " butt stuff " to enter the virtual world, this is something you could consider.

One of the biggest locks for camboys is the fear that using toys in the ass or doing anal is gay .

But this is far from being true.

Camboys deal with fetishes and desires ...

And the audience goes crazy when a model shows off her butt and does fun things with her.

In addition, many straight camboys will tell you that showing your butt on cam is great, and if you're not doing that, you're definitely losing a lot of money.

Want a real example? Most porn actors (from gay movies) are straight or bi in real life. They just venture into a different market.

Dúvidas de camboy: preciso ser dotado?

# 3 Do you need to have a big penis?

No, you DON'T have to be big to earn money as a camboy.

In fact, just as “gifted” is synonymous with fetish, so is a “small stick”. And if you have a very small stick, that could be the key to success.

Likewise, if you are in the middle ground (above or below average), go ahead!

Don't let that stop you from starting.

After a few sessions, you will find that being creative makes a lot more money than a cane.

Dúvidas de camboy: Como fazer shows em casal

# 4 How to do concerts as a couple (straight or gay)?

In addition to the solo show, you can perform with a partner or a partner.

Undoubtedly, this is the fastest way to success and lots of money online!

Some camgirl sites allow models to do shows with their partners, but do not accept shows only with camboys.

So if you want to introduce yourself to them, having a female partner is the only way to get in.

But if the show is with another male model, you need to register on sites that have these categories:

  • Camboys
  • Boys

In any case, any partner added to the show must be registered and verified on the same site.

He or She must go through the same approval process in order to participate in the couple session.

By the way, there is an approval that is even more important: public approval.

It may seem difficult to achieve this, but it’s easy and there are some special tips…

… That when you follow, the audience will range on you .

To access the tips, just enter the VIP list of Circlekbl readers:

Meet my step-by-step to make your first R $ 1,000 with virtual shows, in the next 7 days . Even if you've never done this before!

Meet my step-by-step to make your first R $ 1,000 with virtual shows, in the next 7 days .

Even if you've never done this before!

Como ser camboy: a brecha que pode beneficiar você

The System Gap: a sea of ​​opportunities for you to explore

On the biggest webcam sites, like Chaturbate and Cam4, you can find hundreds of male models, from all countries, performing at the same time.

But there is a catch…

… A point in common .

... that benefits you starting now.

Most camboys (I would say more than 90% ) are what I call a “ voluntary exhibitionist ”.

The guy arrives, does the job for free and leaves ...

He's on the site just to hit one , with people watching.

Nothing more than having fun and getting out.

Do you know how to identify a volunteer camboy? They…

  • They are almost always in dark, messy rooms
  • They don't give a damn about the quality of the image or the show
  • Do not respond to the public in chat
  • And possibly they’ll never treat it like a business

It is a breach in the system - which benefits guys like you, who research to improve.

A flaw that I have identified over the years working with webcam models.

Few beginners see this gap ...

... and I will teach you how to explore it in the smartest way.

Camgirls x Camboys: the evolutionary difference that (almost) prevents us from making money

Imagine the following experiment:

  • A group of 10 men
  • A group of 10 women
  • Each person in each group is subjected to a screen displaying erotic images for 15 minutes
  • No one can masturbate or touch
  • Soon after, each person is invited to answer a questionnaire (with no relation to the content of the images)

The result?

  • All of the female group finish the test easily.
  • 96% of the male group is still partially excited , distracted and unwilling to use logical reasoning. They want to "finish what they started" ...

This experiment may even seem stupid and meaningless to you now. But it is the secret for you to understand how to make real money in this business .

Even after thousands of years of evolution, our brain still has basic and primitive survival instincts.

For men, the strongest instinct is that of reproduction.

We are naturally programmed to look for sex partners (for the brain, this is the preservation of the species).

And if sex is not available at the moment, we appeal to the hand

It is part of our masculine nature .

It is not for nothing that we usually start masturbation around 9-12 years old ...

And that only increases, as we discover pornography online and mature into real sex.

Damn Erick, what the hell does that have to do with me?

Calm down bro, I'll get there soon.

In the case of virtual shows , the primitive part of our brain doesn't see much difference between a real sex situation and online pornography .

Both are attractive.

So it's very easy to spend hours on a website, like camboy, and find that it really worked all the time.

When in fact you stayed at Xvideos to “get excited” and get distracted…

… While your room filled with viewers wanting to interact and learn more about you.

The result of that?

  • They leave your room after a few minutes
  • You (maybe) get some measly tokens
  • And he still deludes himself that he worked for hours as a camboy - to earn only this misery.

So in a few days or weeks you give up ...

Since this business “doesn't work for you”…

Well, that's why there are a lot more successful camgirls than camboys.

Our natural instinct for sex and excitement (in addition to years of experience in pornography) can seem like a competitive advantage, as this job involves virtual sex ...

When in fact, it is exactly the opposite ...

Our instinct can easily betray us and steal focus from what matters most here:

Make money as a camboy.

So, all this lack of focus results in high failure rates for male models.


This need not be your case.

Como ser camboy:

Turning the key ...

Many guys don't promote themselves on social networks and don't spend a lot of time online.

And amazingly, they still earn some money.

But why do I say that?

To discourage you?

Not even!

The big X of the question is ...

… This scenario opens up many possibilities for every guy who wants to:

  • Get headlong into online exhibitions
  • Have an army of fans, followers and loyal customers
  • Bill in dollars , every month .

So, for you to better understand the possibilities of making money as a camboy, I need to make a comparison between male and female models.

Think with me:

If we compare the camgirls niche with the camboys niche, women are sure to win.

Both in terms of number (number of models) and experience (they have been in this for much longer).

On all webcam sites, there are always thousands of girls competing.

And yet, every day new models appear in the spotlight…

Which, at the end of each day, earn tens, hundreds and, in the case of the most famous, even a few thousand dollars .

In your case, who researched how to be a camboy…

Know that there is much less competition to enter.

So you can stand out faster, even if you're new.

But for some, this is different.

After a while…

… Even though earning well, some camboys are not content with just prominence.

They want to go further ...

To earn more and more.

Attention: read the next part ONLY if you DO NOT have problems with fame, status and excess money falling into your account.

O próximo nível: como chegar no topo como camboy

The next level: how can you get to the top…

When you start to reap good fruits in the virtual world ...

... and realizes that this is a business with which he identifies and enjoys doing ...

It may be time to evolve and set bigger goals .

At this point, you may feel that there is a special connection with your followers.

And you don't care so much about privacy issues or if someone you know sees you online.

After all, life is yours! And now you're the one who pays the bills themselves.

And if you decide to take this job as a career. ..

... You will have to open your mind to learn some new things.

When that time comes, having a marketing and branding strategy is essential for any camboy seeking:

  • Up to the next level
  • make more success with followers (in Brazil and worldwide)
  • draw more attention to your camboy profiles
  • attract new customers (who pay for everything)
  • bill high every day

And for that, you need to promote yourself in the right way and create an online presence ...

... to earn a solid and stable income every month.

A rotina vencedora dos Camboys de Elite

5 Essential Tips: The winning routine of the Elite Camboys

When you run into some limits (website visitors, number of followers, etc.), it may be time to expand.

I call this horizontal growth process :

  • You expand into other media and apps, in addition to your profile on the webcam site.
  • Learn the right way to promote yourself
  • And then you evolve.

Some men already identify with the idea and do it from the beginning.

And others prefer to get their feet wet first, to see how it works and whether it will work.

But regardless of how you start, you can count on me!

This business goes far beyond having a beautiful face and a whole body cracked to show on cam.

So, the following tips can help you with this:

  1. Learn strategies from those who have been doing it the longest (webcam models and coaches)
  2. Stay motivated
  3. Take care of the appearance
  4. Think of it as a business (even if it's your plan B in your spare time)
  5. Above all, invest in yourself. Be someone that everyone admires online and wants to be around. That's how you become a Camboy in the Top 10 on any site.

Sobre ser um camboy e o prazer da pornografia

Being a Camboy <X> Pleasure of pornography

Okay, so you decided to take your webcam work seriously? Here's a vital tip:

Try to separate work from leisure.

As I said before, online bitching is great and good for the arm.

And maybe that's one of the reasons you're researching how to be a camboy.

After all, if there is a way to combine wank , sex and money (without leaving home), what could go wrong, right?


But that is the thinking of the crowd ...

… Who registers as a camboy just to:

  • have fun
  • hit a little in public, to show off ( if you roll money, beauty )
  • and then drop off the site

I want to show you the other way ...

One that few risk… And that is why it gives so much results.

The path of the winners .

In the example above, you would not be so different from the viewer (customer), who arrives at the site in search of immediate fun.

You can ask me…

“But is that wrong ?!

Am I not going to make money if I just think about fun? ”

Well, there is no right or wrong here.

It is what is best for you at the moment.

  • Many enter this for fun ... To earn extra income in their spare time and pay the bills at the end of the month.
  • And a few will take the business really seriously, until they stand out and see gains they never imagined.

In both cases, they are right.

Obviously, the profit is proportional to the commitment.

But when you see the earning potential as a camboy ...

... and draw the first gains in Real or Dollar ...

… Cam work becomes a game of rewards

Do you feel the need to:

  • Be more creative at shows
  • Try what others have never tried
  • Create partnerships
  • Do everything to hear the plin-plin of site alerts filling your account
  • Bill higher and higher

And it is at this point that the successful Camboys stand out from that crowd that will stay only in the hand, in exchange for a few tokens.

They start researching on marketing, social networks and techniques to reach more people ...

… They mirror themselves in camgirls who already earn high and learn other creative ways to win over viewers.

In short, they come to see cam work as a real business.

And that changes everything.

Mainly the bank account.


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