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Income Tax for Camgirls: How to declare your earnings and protect yourself from tax

Jan Carty
Written by Jan Carty
Income Tax for Camgirls: How to declare your earnings and protect yourself from tax
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Income tax for camgirls is almost taboo:

  • Nobody talks about
  • It generates a certain controversy
  • And at the time of tightening, few know how to explain how it works

Like it or not, being a camgirl is already a reality in Brazil…

… And earning R $ 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 per month is no longer absurd in this market.

With focus and dedication, some girls reach these values ​​in a few months.

But the price for growing too fast can be high.

And sometimes there is no time to seek the right information to legalize your work.

  • Maybe you already make money with shows, but you haven't declared your earnings yet ...
  • Or are you just starting out and want to avoid problems with the IRS ...

Whatever your case, this post will help you.

Keep reading…

IR for virtual models: everyone's question

Every day I receive several emails about how to get started in the virtual world.

And since Feb / 19 I have received a flood of doubts about Income Tax for camgirls.

This lit up an alert for me ...

  • On the one hand, it is great to know that there is a concern about this.
  • But on the other hand, it means that there is a lack of information on the internet, on how to formalize this as serious work.

Well, the closer to closing the declaration deadline (4/30), the greater the doubts - and the level of anxiety.

So to continue delivering the best content to you ...

… I sought the partnership of Ronaldo Padula - accountant specialized in IR for Virtual Models.

He brought several important details , for you who want to continue earning in Real or Dollar, and maintain a healthy relationship with the IRS.

This guide only came to life thanks to Ronaldo's work and availability. So if it's useful for you, leave a comment thanking 🙂

The Income Tax for Camgirls (and other virtual models) doesn't have to be a seven-headed bug ...

In fact, it may be even simpler than you think.

What you'll see in this guide:

  • Guidance on national and international earnings
  • How to receive: CPF or CNPJ?
  • Carné Lion
  • When to formalize webcam shows as a business?
  • Expenses to deduct from IR and pay less taxes

At the end of the guide, you will know how to keep doing what you like, without having problems with the recipe.

Speaking of recipes… Do you know how much a virtual stripper earns?
I made this post showing some real earnings figures for camgirls, camboys and couples .

Guidance on national and international earnings

First of all, there is a very common doubt for all of us:

Why do I have to declare my income and pay taxes?

Sometimes it seems unfair to have to pay the government for gains you made in informal work.

So, to understand this in a simple way ...

… Let's see how the movement of national and foreign values ​​works.

  1. All national bank transactions above R $ 2,000 are reported to the IRS.
  2. All transactions above R $ 5,000 , made by card, are reported to the RF by card operators.
  3. Transactions between Brazil and abroad, made by electronic or banking means, are known to the Central Bank.
  4. Any international transaction made outside the rules of the Central Bank is a crime against our financial system.
  5. Any amount above R $ 25,000 , originating from abroad, is directly informed to the RF by the paying source.

For you to receive money from abroad, there is a rule:

  • Up to R $ 10,000 can be made by banking
  • Above R $ 10,000 , it is mandatory to undergo a normal exchange operation.

A curiosity…

HAL - Supercomputador que cruza informações fiscais

Receiving high values ​​without declaring (and escaping the fine mesh) is not a matter of luck.

It is a question of “when”.

And the Central Bank of Brasilia has the most powerful system to ensure that this happens:

The National Financial System Customer Register (CCS)

Also called " Hal ", this electronic brain inspects the bank accounts of all Brazilians, without distinction.

That is why people who do not declare (nor pay) their income tax, will at some point fall into the fine mesh of the IRS.

Imposto de Renda Camgirl - Receber com CPF ou CNPJ?

Earnings like Camgirl: Receive by CPF or CNPJ?

If you work on a Brazilian website, I recommend that you see what it says in the contract that you accepted when you registered on the website.

This information is important to determine the paying source: the website or the customer.

And if you work on a foreign site, but have not yet declared your income tax ...

... know that it is impossible to receive these amounts for a long time, without falling into the fine mesh of the IRS.

Regardless of your billing, you can receive it in two ways :

  1. Individual (CPF)
  2. Legal Entity (CNPJ)

Camgirl: Ganhos como Pessoa Física

Earnings as an Individual

It is the most common case. And you have already gone through this automatically, if you worked with a formal contract.

All earnings you receive are linked to your CPF.

Ok… So far, nothing new.

But from the moment you earn more than R $ 1,903.98 per month, the payment of the IR is mandatory.

And in that case, as a freelance professional ...

… You must fill the Carnê Leão each month, with the total earnings from the shows. Paying the monthly income tax.

Carnê Leão is a Federal Revenue program that you can download on your computer.

See how to calculate your tax at this link .

Remembering ...

If you still earn less than R $ 1,903.98 per month, you don't need to pay tax.

With the checklist below, you don't miss.

If last year you received:

  • Up to R $ 1,903.98 per month - Tax exempt
  • Above R $ 1,903.98 per month - It is mandatory to pay the Income Tax
  • Above R $ 28,559.70 annually - It is mandatory to submit an annual statement of income tax adjustment

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Imposto de renda: CNPJ para Camgirl

Earnings as a Legal Entity

Depending on your monthly bill, paying tax as an Individual camgirl can be more expensive.

In this case, it is indicated to open an Individual Micro Entrepreneur CNPJ .

It may seem complicated, but there's no mystery

Here are some advantages of qualifying as MEI:

  • Maximum revenue of R $ 81,000 per year.
  • Service providers pay only R $ 52.60 per month - NOTHING MORE
  • No need to issue invoices for Brazil and abroad

Note: You cannot receive amounts as a Legal Entity in your personal bank account. You must open a separate account for the CNPJ.

How does a camgirl formalize with CNPJ?

When opening a CNPJ as MEI, you need to choose an industry.

And even today, who works with internet and digital services ...

... you may feel some difficulty in finding a branch that is directly related to the work performed.

So you need to adapt.

In the case of virtual models, in the absence of a formal definition for the work, we can choose another activity that is compatible.

Here are some activities you can use as an MEI:

  • Photography
  • Video edition
  • Aesthetics
  • Astrology
  • Sales promotion
  • Etc…

These are examples of professions that, even traditional ones, you can do online.

“A friend was formalized as a camgirl, reporting gastronomy as her real profession. So she acts in webcam shows as if she gives recipes and courses by videoconference ”- says Ronaldo.

So this is a way to be within the tax law and the requirements of the IRS.

This also serves as a public presentation , in case you need to prove income - when buying a car or a house, for example ...

… And for family and friends , who do not need to know details of their profession.

To open your CNPJ is very easy.

It is done over the internet (and comes out on time).

Click here to request an accountant's orientation by Whatsapp.

Quando sei qual o momento de abrir um MEI?

When do I know when to open an MEI?

It depends a lot on how you see this business. And it goes beyond values.

If you already follow me here on the blog, you know how I support the idea of ​​being a webcam model full time.

For many girls, boys and couples, the earnings and quality of life from this job outweigh anything else.

So, as earnings grow, opening an MEI may be the best way to pay less tax.

But maybe you already have a current job ...

… And do the shows just for fun. To have that extra money at the end of the month.

In this case, you can continue receiving as an Individual (and use Carnê Leão), until you decide if this will be your main activity.

Until then, you remain regularized and without problems with the tax authorities.

In any case, it is best to talk to your accountant and see what is the best situation for you.

Ronaldo is available to consult and help you with that.

"What if in one year I receive more than the MEI limit?"

No problems…

You can use MEI (Legal Entity) together with Carnê Leão (Individual).

Just declare up to the limit of R $ 81,000 by the MEI and the rest as an Individual, paying the tax by Carnê Leão.

IR deduction for Camgirls

Deductions: How to pay less taxes

When doing shows at home as a webcam model, you are a self-employed professional .

And you have some fixed expenses that are essential to your work, such as:

  • Rent
  • Condominium
  • Energy
  • telephone
  • Internet

All these expenses are deductible from Carnê Leão.

This is an incentive, as it can reduce the final amount you would pay in taxes (and increase your tax refund).

To do this, simply add these expenses to your Carnê Leão , in the “Caixa Caixa” section.

The Cash Book is the record of all payments and receipts as an individual, in chronological order (day, month and year).

Just pay attention to use only the expenses allowed by the IRS.

Now, be careful if you already invoice above the exemption limit and have not yet declared.

Below we have listed the problems you may have.

Punishments and how to resolve them

The situations that most lead the Revenue to call taxpayers are:

  • Income omissions by self-employed professionals.
  • And the falsification of deductions , with or without the intention of increasing the tax refund.

See below what are the penalties that the IRS applies:

1. I forgot to declare ...

If you have not reported your earnings to the IRS, but intend to do so in time:

  • Late payment penalty of 0.33% per day of delay (up to 20% of income tax due)
  • Late payment interest is also charged, which is equivalent to the variation of the Selic rate accumulated in the period.

2. I received a subpoena from the IRS. And now?!

If you fell into the fine mesh, it is possible to check on the IRS website the reasons that led to the retention and, if you made a mistake, rectify the declaration.

If you do not do anything about it, you will have to provide clarification.

In this case, if the error is proven, you will have to pay a 75% fine on the tax due, corrected by the Selic variation.

In cases of evident intention of fraud or evasion, the fine rises to 150% of the tax due.

If you decide not to provide clarification, the fine may rise to 225% of the tax due, plus the Selic for the period.

But this type of fine is quite unusual.

If fraud is proven, generally only a 75% fine is applied.

Larger fines are more common in more serious cases, as in the case of foreign exchange evasion.

Note: this information is basic and, in reality, there may be specific issues to be discussed in each case.

If you need a consultancy, service or want to ask specific questions about your situation with the IRS, Ronaldo has made his contact via Whatsapp :

Ronaldo Padula - Accounting and Advisory
(21) 98795-7000


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