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7 Proven Ways to Make Money Online as a Couple [+18]

Jan Carty
Written by Jan Carty
7 Proven Ways to Make Money Online as a Couple [+18]
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When a couple decides to live together, the idea is that finances will improve.

After all, now there are TWO wages and it seems impossible to go wrong, right?

But when they come together, the couple's bills also add up ...

And well, this is not always a bed of roses.

In times of:

  • economic crisis
  • lack of job opportunities
  • Uber driver with diploma picking up dust
  • and ridiculously low wages

… Many couples have been looking for alternatives to make money online, doing what they like in their spare time .

And what is the favorite pastime of most couples and boyfriends?


  • have sex
  • spend more time in bed
  • take hours in the preliminaries
  • exchange nudes when they are away
  • and spend a good time together

So if you and your partner (or partner) already thought that all this fun could have a return ...

… Here goes The Complete Guide on how to make money as a couple in the adult niche.

Adult content as a couple = Higher earnings

One thing will never change:

Couples are the most sought after on any adult site.

Much more than any solo video (with one person).

And it doesn't matter the gender or sexual orientation of the two.

It can be a straight , gay or trans couple: there will always be an audience to watch and pay well for it.

So, with focus and the right dedication, the money comes very quickly.

And speaking of earnings ...

… I made a post about how much camgirls earn , and the result of the survey was a slap in the face… Couples earn much more than any camgirl alone.

In addition, I have two good news for you:

The first is that with the advancement of technologies, a couple can complement (and a lot!) Income over the internet:

  • Using free time
  • Doing what he likes
  • No technical knowledge
  • Wasting no time on nonsense
  • Without leaving home.

The second is that there is a huge demand for adult and amateur content with couples.

And in Brazil, this demand is even greater than the number of couples dedicated to producing amateur content (videos, photos, nudes, etc.).

Competition is minimal and, therefore, is a great opportunity to explore and make money while you have time.

2019 and 2020 are the perfect years to enter this niche. But after that, a lot of people will be doing the same thing and the gains will certainly be less.

Does it only work for real couples?

This is not limited to just boyfriends, couples living together or just two people.

Far from it!

Do you know the expression colorful friendship ?

and helping hand?

Friends with benefits?


Menage a trois?

The list of expressions is long. You can call it what you want.

But the fact is that you can have the same result (or better) as a couple, even without being in a serious relationship .

Just find a friend who is willing to do the same, without any bad consequences for the friendship. And you can bet, this is not hard to find.

Secretly, many people want the same things:

  • Have more moments of pleasure, naughtiness and fun
  • Make more money than you make now

Just find out who, next to you, has an open mind enough.

Now, if you are in a serious relationship and you have a good deal of naughtiness together, you have already won the jackpot! /O/

You can move on to the next part.

The 7 Ways to Make Money as a Couple on the Internet:

And finally, the part you wanted to read!

Based on my experience in the adult market ...

… And in the hundreds of emails that I receive each month (with questions and suggestions), I have gathered the most profitable ideas for you to make some money on the internet, in partnership with someone .

I separated into 7 categories (types) of business to facilitate understanding and, within each, there are some example sites and / or links to the complete tutorial.

You will notice that some sites fall into more than one category, which is great for increasing your earnings.

1. Couple webcam shows

(earnings per minute or for each private show)

It is the most well-known and most likely to make a profit in the short term.

C am Couples , as they are called, are the most popular and earn more in less time.

If you go to any webcam site, you will see that couples have a lot more visitors and interactions during the shows. And that means a lot more profits per minute .

Here on the blog I already showed:

I'm already preparing a post just about webcam for couples, but in the meantime, I recommend that you see the links above. The way to start is very similar for both.

See here the best sites to register and do shows as a couple .

In addition to the shows, some sites let you supplement your earnings by selling photos and videos on your profile.

So, we have already entered the next idea ...

2. Sale of nudes

(videos, photos and personalized content)

Everyone has already sent a nude to that crush or Tinder contact.

Already as a couple or boyfriend, it is normal to provoke each other when they are away.

The truth is that taking nudes is already a trend worldwide ...

... and is part of our sexual discovery.

Many couples are already sharing those most intimate moments with people who pay for each content .

And do you know what the best part is?

You don't have to show your face.

There are several websites that offer this type of service. Some are just for selling content, and others have this additional option.

Then I separated a list with the best sites:

  • ManyVids (best of all)
  • Chaturbate (Super recommended)
  • Cam4
  • CelebTV (recommended if you already have followers)
  • ModelCentro

3. Private club

(subscription service)

It is basically the same format as selling nudes.

The only difference is that here you sell access to all your content, for a monthly fee .

Like Netflix 😀

In the private club, the content serves to make subscribers feel “at home”, seeing part of your daily intimacy , such as:

  • selfies in bed, in the bath
  • that post-sex selfie (or during)
  • training routine
  • making out in the gym locker room, in the car, etc.
  • intimate little videos
  • and what else is creativity

The best thing about this strategy is that you know exactly how much you will earn per month. It all depends on the fan base subscribing.

For you to have an idea of ​​earnings, several couples who follow Circlekbl earn from R $ 2,000 to R $ 8,000 per month only with subscribers.

Well ... You will agree with me that R $ 8 thousand is more than many couples earn in Brazil, adding up the salaries.

And what are the sites?

The same ones that I mentioned in Item 2 offer the subscription service.

  • ManyVids (best of all)
  • Chaturbate (Super recommended)
  • Cam4
  • CelebTV (recommended if you already have followers)
  • ModelCentro

And there is also this application, which is the best in the area:

4. Earnings for views

Adult video sites (Tube) always display ads.

And some allow registered users to upload their own videos and receive part of the revenue ($).

Now imagine a website with millions of visits per month, which pays you for each ad viewed on your videos…

This is the case with PornHub .

They receive more than 3 billion visitors every month.

The website has a Model Program where you can:

  • earn from viewing ads
  • sell your videos
  • sell custom content
  • fan club (subscription)
  • Among other advantages

This platform is excellent and helps users a lot to gain space.

I particularly admire the way PornHub took pornography marketing to another level. Without compromising the quality of the service .

All this brings countless benefits for those who work seriously on the site.

5. Sex Influencers

Digital influencers who talk about sex on YouTube, Instagram, PornHub, etc.

In this case, I speak of influential couples who work together.

Outside Brazil this is very common.

But here we still have a few couples who slap their faces to talk openly about sex, experiences and to give tips from the adult world.

We can divide sex influencers into two types:

  • Non-explicit
  • Explicit

In the first , it is the Youtubers who post educational videos about sex, relationships and the like (without explicit images, obviously).

On Youtube you can “monetize” your channel by displaying ads. And that kind of adult content has MANY views.

In the second , they are influencers who work mainly on PornHub.

And here it is worth showing EVERYTHING. Think of YouTube without limits:

  • Sex tutorial (in action)
  • how to make
  • positions for couples
  • how to use toys on your partner
  • unboxing of erotic toys (with explicit testing)
  • test vibrators
  • test dildos
  • test condoms
  • penetration ways
  • how to last longer
  • types of orgasms and how to get to it together
  • and much more

Anyway, creativity is the only limit.

And if you understand sex and love exhibitionism , this is the best tip that I will give here.

This content is almost nonexistent in Brazil (I only know 2 users who are dedicated to the niche). And being something exclusive, believe me, people would pay a lot to see each video.

As I said in item 4, on PornHub you earn from ad views and direct content sales.

6. Own website

(Website and online store for selling content + subscription service)

Join the ideas:

  • 2. Sale of nudes
  • 3. Private Club (optional)
  • 5. Sex influencers (optional)

… And you will have a complete member site.

The only difference here is that you run everything , even your earnings. So, no sharing commissions with the site.

In all of the previous ideas, you need to create an account to use the service and earn a percentage of the profit.

Here in this case, you create a website and host all services on your own.

Is it more work?

For sure!

But it gives you much more money and control.

You have 4 options:

  • It may just be a website with a virtual store to sell the couple's amateur videos.
  • Virtual store + subscription (the customer can buy one item, several, or can subscribe to access all content)
  • Shop + subscription + sex influencer content
  • or just a subscriber site (as is the standard model for paid adult sites)

In any case, I recommend having a social network (Twitter, Insta, Youtube) just to publicize the site.

And if you are titans of the content, there is still going to be a blog inside the site, to appear better in Google searches and, who knows, until you post some erotic stories of the couple.

If you want more complete material on how to create such a website, send me an email here . If more people want it too, I create a tutorial here on the blog.

7. Virtual shows on Skype

(not suitable for beginners)

The word here is Exclusivity .

But there is no mystery.

They are the same shows that you would do on webcam sites, as a couple.

The difference is that these are more private, and the user / customer pays you directly . Whether through PagSeguro, PayPal, PicPay, etc.

In this case, customers are more loyal, since you will not compete with other models of a website.

The downsides of Skype:

  • the movement is very weak if you don't have followers
  • it is more difficult to have earnings volume
  • the customer needs to have Skype installed as well
  • less privacy, as personal information (name, etc.) may appear on payment.

So you need to advertise the service somewhere. And the best way is to have a Twitter account to post content and gather interested followers.

In addition, shows can be charged per minute , per hour or for each type of fetish that the client asks for.

What is the best option to earn money as a couple?

All 7 ideas have a lot of potential.

And when you join more than one, the gains can be insane!

So it will depend on which one fits best in their routine.

Talk to your partner about it, or show this post just in case garantir

Some tips to keep things in order

Some people are concerned about how to approach the issue with the other party, but nothing better than an open and sincere conversation about your goals.

Men tend to be more relaxed and liberal about showing off, but it's not a rule.

And if your concern is privacy , remember that showing your face is optional on many sites.

Often, the possibility of earning more (doing what you like and without leaving the house) wins any argument as a couple.

In others, a basic jealousy can happen due to the exposure…

In these cases, my tip is:

Talk calmly and create some rules of coexistence to move forward in this work.

It may seem a bit cliché, but when it comes to sex and bedding, couples almost always understand each other.

And reaching a consensus, both sides are satisfied and can now start making money from their own adult content 😀

Well, I hope this post was useful for you (s).

If you have any questions, just post here in the comments or send a message here .


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